December 8, 2019
Yesterday our home was on The Historical Society of Germantown's Christmas tour and it was so much fun. Everyone was so nice and I loved every minute. My favorite compliment was, "it's so homey/cozy" and I loved and was surprised by how much people liked all our family photos displayed. A lot of "experts" out there try to tell you to keep personal photos to a minimum and that's advice I've always hated and refused to follow.🤷🏼‍♀️ 

I'm always thinking of what we can do next and how we can make our home better and yesterday I just loved this old lady exactly how she is.🤣❤️ I love it here and am so thankful for all my husband does to help me make this place so beautiful.☺️

Thank you so much to everyone from the Historical Society for all you do for this event and thank you to the Potter’s for hosting us in their beautiful home for brick oven pizza. And thank you to my mama for helping this week and for teaching me how to make a beautiful home!



March 14, 2019
If you follow any oils account I'm sure you have heard about the Anthro Volcano Candle diffuser blend. I have never been in an Anthropologie store 🙊 so I have no idea what they smell like but supposedly this is their signature scent. My ER order came today (more on that later) and I finally had all the oils needed for this blend. I have to say other than the clean/citrus smelling blends this is my favorite! It's fruity, yet woodsy and isn't overpowering. My husband even said he liked it! *I've seen many variations of this blend but this is the one I went with!


+ 🍊 5 drops grapefruit
+ 🍊 4 drops orange
+ 🌲 3 drops northern lights black spruce
+ 🌸 2 drops geranium

Grapefruit 🍊
(Why isn't there a grapefruit emoji?😂) It's an uplifting scent and will promote a sense of focus.

Orange 🍊 
Promotes a feeling of happiness and warmth.

Northern Lights Black Spruce 🌲
(I believe Idaho Blue Spruce is what this blend typically calls for but it's out of stock so this is said to be a good substitute) a rich, woodsy, and invigorating scent that creates a fresh atmosphere.

Geranium 🌸
A sweet, floral scent that invites a peaceful, spiritual feeling in your space.

Have you diffused the Anthro candle blend? What do you think?


March 10, 2019
I did a couple of these with Tucker and instead of aiming to do one for every month, this time around I'm going to try to do them for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Hopefully lowering my expectations will help me achieve my goal...😂

Age: 3 Months

Stats: Weighs 14.9lbs and is 24" long.

Nicknames: Brother, Sunshine, Buddy, Baby Boy

Milestones: He is sleeping through the night 7ish to 7ish and goes back down after his morning feed so mama can get a few more winks. He is giggling now and trying to give kisses. He went to the nursery for the first time just a few days before he turned 3 months and he did SO good. He made it all the way through even thought I was a little nervous he wouldn't since he usually likes to nurse mid-way through.

Favorite Things: Being held or worn in the carrier by mama.

Least Favorite Things: I'm just going to say the obvious and say having a dirty diaper or being hungry because this boy is straight sunshine. He is almost always happy and takes all we throw at him.

Signature Moves: At this point he doesn't have too many moves but he loves to kick his feet and wiggle around on his play mat.

Today I took some pictures of my little piece of sunshine. I could just eat him up! 



March 9, 2019
Up next on my "ditch and switch" list is hand soap. A few months ago I cashed in some of my Essential Rewards points with Young Living and got the Thieves and Lavender Foaming Hand Soaps. We loved them so much but now they're gone and to be honest, I don't want to spend $14/$10 on them. The lavender scent was my favorite so I decided to make our own. Not only is this very affordable but I can switch up the scents for our different bathrooms or the changing seasons!


Paula Deen "Soap Y'all" Dispenser (I purchased mine at Tia's Boutique)
3/4 cup water
3/4 cup Castile soap* (unscented)
10 drops of Young Living lavender essential oil*

*Bonus: Next time I make this I'll be adding 1 tbsp witch hazel* for its bacteria inhibiting properties but I didn't have any on hand today. I also think I may purchase these foaming dispensers* because I really liked that about the Young Living Foaming Hand Soaps.

In a pint sized mason jar or soap dispenser, add the water first (to prevent bubbles) then the liquid Castile soap. I used the unscented kind because I wanted to scent with my lavender essential oil.

Add the fractionated coconut oil (or whichever moisturizing oil you choose - jojoba, olive, etc.) and the essential oil of your choice.

Shake to combine and you're ready to use. Remember, a little goes a long way.

This soap smells so good and leaves my hands feeling soft!


March 7, 2019

In January I asked on my personal IG (@roadcalledlife) what people did for a face care routine. I'm turning 33 this month and think it's way past time for me to get my own routine going. Besides washing my face in the shower and occasionally wiping my makeup off with those (toxic) wipes that's about all I do.🙈

I wanted something quick, easy, and not too expensive. After watching @younghouselove's "woo woo skincare" stories I've landed on cleansing my face with apple cider vinegar (1 part water, 1 part ACV) and instead of using coconut oil for my moisturizer (I've read it can clog your pores) I made a roller with lavender, frankincense, and jojoba oil that I’ll apply in the mornings and evenings after I wash my face. This little combo supports healthy looking skin, a soft glow, and reduces appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.🙌🏼


I've included links to the products I used below. (* denotes affiliate link)

10 ml roller bottle*
10 drops of Young Living lavender essential oil*
10 drops of Young Living frankincense essential oil*
Top off with jojoba oil*

*Bonus: Next time I make this serum I'm going to add 5 drops of geranium (promotes cell regeneration and supports smooth and healthy skin) 5 drops copaiba (this is a driver oil meaning it magnifies all the qualities of the other oils to work even better). I'll also add a little bit of witch hazel.

I chose lavender because it's known to help with acne and wrinkles and it also helps regenerate skin cells. It can also lighten the appearance of age spots and scars.🙌🏼 I added frankincense because I read it's an astringent that can help protect and repair skin cells, reduce acne, prevent wrinkles, lift and tighten skin, kill germs, reduce large pores, and slow signs of aging. Um, yes please!🙋🏼‍♀️ I topped it off with jojoba oil because it's moisturizing, it's antibacterial, and it's an antioxidant - among other great benefits. I took before photos so if I notice any differences I'll share them with y'all!

Do you have a skincare routine? What have you found that works for you? Bonus points if it's all natural and not $$$!

If you have any questions about essential oils or are interested in how to add them into your daily life I'd be happy to help any way I can. If I don't have the answers I'll be happy to point you in the right direction! If you're ready, you can order here.


February 27, 2019
This is what’s in my diffuser this morning and it’s making me anxious for spring!


💕 3 drops Joy
🍋 3 drops lemon

Invites a sense of bliss and warmth when diffused. Helps create a sense of togetherness. / Contains geranium, rose, lemon, and ylang ylang.

Comes with your starter kit and can eliminate odors and infuse your whole home with its clean, lemon-drop scent when diffused.


February 20, 2019


2 drops frankincense
2 drops orange
2 drops cinnamon bark

I’ve mentioned before that since we started having children we’ve been slowly ditching and switching toxic products in our home but candles are just not high on my priority list to ditch and switch.🤷🏼‍♀️ I do only use hand poured soy candles I make at home (they’re so fun to make!) so that’s a step in the right direction.

If I’m being honest a diffuser just doesn’t have that warm cozy smell to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love our diffusers and use them daily and while there are lots of blends that smell delicious (usually light and clean) I’m still looking for the perfect blends that replace some of my favorite heartier, warmer, cozier scents. Does any of that make sense?🙈😂 Anyway, this is a blend I love and a step in the right direction for me! What is your favorite cozy/warm diffuser blend?



February 15, 2019

On Wednesday, November 28th at 7:41am while I was 38.1 weeks pregnant we welcomed Sawyer Franklin Capan into the world and our family felt a little more complete.

The day before, Tucker and I went to my weekly appointment and when the doctor finally came in to see me the first thing she said was, "your blood pressure is a little high so I want you to head on over to the hospital and get checked out". I was surprised by this and she said that my BP was borderline severe and potentially dangerous. They kept asking if I was dizzy or if I had a headache. I had neither symptom and looking back wish I would have just had them check my BP again. The nurse who originally took it did it manually and put the cuff over my bulky sweater and I just had a feeling it was a fluke. When I walked out of my doctors office I almost thought about just driving home but second guessed that decision because ultimately I wanted Sawyer (and myself) to be safe.

I headed over to the hospital and called my mom on the way to see if she could come pick up Tucker because he was over being trapped in a doctors office and I had no idea how long they were going to monitor me and Sawyer. I was not expecting to have a baby that day. I called Jeremy and told him not to worry and everything was fine and that he didn't need to come be with me but he of course rushed to be by my side. He's a keeper that one.😍

The maternity ward was pretty full so Tucker and I were in the waiting room for quite awhile before they took us back to a "makeshift" room. Sure enough, once I had my blood pressure checked it was perfectly normal. They still wanted to keep me for a bit to monitor me and the baby. My mom came to take Tucker home and Jeremy was there and we were discussing where we were going to go for dinner since Tucker was home with my mom.😂 Eventually the doctor on call (the only one out of 6 physicians I had never seen at the office but ultimately my favorite!) came in to see me and said, "are you ready to have a baby today?". My response was, "ummm, no not really!". She wanted to know why and I said it was because I wanted to eat dinner and shower and she said, "oh well you can do that!". Jeremy and I got all excited thinking we were going to have a dinner date out (at Outback - the Blooming Onion was really calling our name) and that we could have one last good nights sleep at home before having a newborn in the house. She laughed and said, "oh, you're not going anywhere!" She meant I could eat dinner and use their shower. Not quite the same thing. As the news sunk in we called in our dinner order to Outback and Jeremy picked it up and brought it back to the hospital. We shared a Blooming Onion and a cheeseburger. It was so delicious.

I got moved into a real room and was given a pill to start induction around 9:30pm on the 27th. I remember thinking that it would have made more sense to go home and get a good nights sleep and come back to be induced in the morning but for whatever reason they started it that night. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep. Around 5am Jeremy called my mom who was still at our house with Tucker and my step dad to let her know we were getting close and to head back to the hospital. This time around as soon as the contractions became intense I asked for the epidural because you never know how long it will take for them to get to you and if this delivery was anything like the last, my body was going to get ready pretty quickly.

Getting the epidural both times has been the worst part of the whole experience but for different reasons. For Sawyer's delivery it was awful because my contractions were so intense and painful that it was difficult to sit up and stay still while I was getting it. They checked how things were progressing after I got the epidural and sure enough I was 10cm dilated and it was go time. Jeremy said I pushed a total of 9 times and Sawyer was here.

The moment they lay your baby on your chest is unlike any other. I love that with the sound of my voice I can calm and comfort them and it's so amazing to finally see the one who's been moving inside you for so long. Sawyer latched right away and I got to hold him for over an hour before they took him to check his weight, height, etc. It made me sad (again) that I didn't get to experience that with Tucker but I'm so thankful I did with Sawyer.

Jeremy's parents came to see us that morning and later that evening we had some more visitors. My parents came back and brought Tucker to meet his new baby brother. He was pretty happy to see me and didn't care much about Sawyer. Almost three months in and he's still not all that thrilled with him if I'm being honest!😂

Sawyer has been a great sleeper right from the start. I had to wake him up for every feeding in the hospital and he slept until 5am a couple times the first week when I accidentally slept through my alarm. On Friday we got to go home and begin our new normal. My dad and step mom were up from Tennessee and stayed with us through the weekend. It was nice to have help with Tucker so we could focus on Sawyer for the first few days. Tucker has never been super clingy or jealous if I'm paying attention to another child so I wasn't really expecting too much when we brought Sawyer home. Boy was I wrong. He really struggled for about two weeks and still has his moments but I know one day he'll be a great big brother and I can't wait to watch the two of them play together!

These photos were taken when Sawyer was 12 days old by Lauren Marie Photography and I can't get over how much he's already grown and changed in just 2.5 short months! He's an angel baby and if we had had him first we'd be those first time parents who think we know exactly what we're doing! I'm not a first time mom so I do have that going for me but I definitely thought the transition from 0-1 kids was harder than 1-2. When you're already living in a circus a little more crazy doesn't make much of a difference!😂

Sawyer will be 3 months old in 2 weeks but I can't believe we ever lived life without him here. While I'm anxious to see him grow and his personality shine through I'm trying to soak up every second I can of the baby snuggles. Time is a thief and it's already flying by!