November 30, 2020

I was really excited to pick out lighting for our new house but I quickly realized it was going to take a little research. Our builder allowance for lighting was $1800 and this was one area I did not want to go over budget since lighting is something we can easily switch out/upgrade down the line if we decide to but I honestly am happy with everything I selected even if it's my second, third, or ninth choice.😅 

I surprisingly came in under budget (thanks to the discount our builder gets at Lowes) at $1,166.25 but even without the discount I still came in around $1,800 which I'm pretty proud about. All of the selections below are from Lowes and Amazon.



November 5, 2020

Things are starting to feel very real over at our house on Oakridge (I finally decided on a name/hashtag). Once the drywall went up it totally transformed the place. The first time I saw it I teared up. I'm just so thankful for this beautiful house and the memories we will make there. I am so anxious to move in! In the meantime, I'm having fun coming up with plans for the rooms. First up, the boys shared room. It's one of the first spaces I want to have completed. We will have moved three times by the time the boys are in this room. I want to get it set up and feeling like home as soon as possible.