Reflecting on 2009

2009 is almost over, what have you done?:

new years eve (2008)
01 what did you do for new years?
celebrated downtown columbus with my favorites :)
02 who was your midnight kiss?
who else but alicia? duh ;)
03 did you make a new year's resolution?
of course, always trying to be a better person!

01 viva las vegas
02 phoenix, arizona
03 fiesta bowl go bucks!
04 corky ree turned 21!
05 obama elected to office...

01 alicia's 23rd
02 drew daniel got engaged!

01 green beer day
02 jenny's 23rd
03 haley's 23rd
04 spring break in cabo san lucas
05 my 23rd!
06 nathan paul is born 03.29.09 (2 months early)

01 anna's 22nd
02 u of l spring game - brock gets awards!
03 haley's bridal shower
04 haley & brock's bachelor/ette party
05 brock signs as a free agent with jacksonville!

01 played intramural softball
02 alicia graduates!
03 clipper's game
04 volunteer at the crawl for cancer
05 haley & brock got married!

01 osu graduation! congrats anna, allison, & erin!
02 summer break (a whole flippin' week! whoo!)
03 rip farrah fawcett & michael jackson in the same day!

01 stacie's pure romance party
02 drew & aimee get married!
03 red, white, & boom downtown (best fireworks ever!)
04 florida to visit haley & brock!
05 haley & brock's wedding reception!

01 jenny's bridal shower
02 dollhouse party
03 many weekends boating at brookville lake

01 indianapolis for jenny's bachelorette weekend!
02 kenny concert in indianapolis
03 start my final year of college! waahoo!
04 jennifer & matthew get married! congrats mr. & mrs. campbell!
05 rip johnny castle (patrick swayze)

01 clevleland for browns vs bengals game!
02 what were you for halloween?
an 80s lady

01 osu vs iowa big ten champs! rose bowl baby!
02 ann arbor for osu vs mu game! amazing weekend!
03 epic night before thanksgiving at laffs
04 what did you do for thanksgiving?
spent time with my wonderful family :)
nashville for creekmur thanksgiving
05 what were you thankful for?
my family & friends & all the amazing things i've gotten to do this year!
06 new york city

01 hofbrauhaus to welcome dusty home!
02 rip brittany murphy :(
03 girls christmas (last one with jennifer for a couple years ;( she's moving to japan!)
04 5 christmases with my awesome family!
05 georgia for creekmur christmas
06 nashville to visit my daddy
07 california to cheer on my buckeyes in the ROSE BOWL!
08 what are your plans for new years eve?
i will be spending it in los angeles with anna & erin! can't wait!
09 will you make a new years resolution?
of course!

stayed single almost the whole year? the whole year, & intend on keeping it that way!

saw one of your favorite bands/artists live? kenny in indianapolis!

01 did you hate anyone?: nope, i'm surrounded by love :) haha
02 do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?: nope, my friends are the best!

01 did you have a cake?: yes! at martinis!
02 did you have a party? my best friends came up to celebrate with me in cbus!
03 did you get any presents? um, the best birthday ever!

01 did you change at all this year?
02 did you change your style?
03 did you go on any vacations? yes! vegas, arizona, cabo, florida, new york city, california
04 would you change anything about yourself now? again, always trying to be a better person!

2009: WRAP UP
01 was 2009 a good year?: most definitely!
02 do you think 2010 will top 2009?: every year gets better and better, some how! :)

01 kissed in the snow?: umm not yet :(
02 had your heart broken?: nooope.
03 painted a picture? hahhaha i am not artistic, at all.
04 wrote a poem?: kind of.. i write songs!
05 ran a mile? wayy back in march. i need to get my fat butt out there again!
06 told someone you were busy when you weren't?: guilty
07 lied about how old you were? no. i'm old & proud of it.

IN 2009 I.....
01 pretended to be happy?: no need to pretend!
02 changed your outlook on life?: umm, life is awesome.
03 pretended to be sick?: haha yes.. anything to get out of class
04 learned something new about yourself?: of course.
05 cried over the silliest things?: i cry over everything, so what do you think?
06 had friends who were drifting away from you?: the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.
07 had a fist fight?: ew. i'm a girl. & a lover not a fighter :)
08 gotten sick?: yes, more this year than my entire life! haha
09 liked more than 5 people at the same time?: ha, i haven't "liked" anyone in 3 years
10 became closer with a lot of people?: i have lots of wonderful people around me :)
11 when was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?: group projects during finals week
12 laughed a lot?: laughing until i cry is my favorite
13 will you be up before 7 am tomorrow?: most definitely not.
14 is there anyone you want to come see you?: i'm hangin' with my daddy right now so i'm ok!
15 who hugged you last? my daddy :)
16 miss anything from your past? a little, until i wake up & remember reality

so excited for 2010! i'm ready for an even-numbered year again! those of you who know me, know i don't like odd numbers! but the fact that 'O9 was so amazing, I can't imagine how awesome '1O will be!

just a couple things to look forward to:
01 rose bowl
01 i'm graduating!
02 florida
01 japan to visit the campbells!!

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