I absolutely love putting together Easter baskets for our boys. I usually take the opportunity to get them things they need anyway (new toothbrushes, shoes, pajamas, etc.) but it's always fun to put a few extra special things in. I can't wait to give them their baskets this year!

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Bubble Wands | These are great so everyone can blow bubbles at the same time and when they inevitably get spilled, all is not lost. Make sure you also have bubble refills on hand.😉

Wooden Rainbow Stacker | I had a similar toy for the boys that I purchased from Amazon. I shrieked when I saw this in Hearth & Hand's new collection. It's just so good. A great price and beautiful color palette. I love the simplicity of wooden toys and my boys always play with them so much longer than others.

Wooden Toy Camera | My boys would have loved this a year or so ago. I may still add it to Sawyer's basket, we'll see! You really can't beat wooden toys. They leave so much up for the imagination and I love that Magnolia has come out with so many great options over the last couple of years.

Sidewalk Chalk | Nicer weather is on it's way and I always use Easter baskets as an opportunity to restock some of our favorite outside necessities. 

Jump Rope | Is there a more classic outdoor toy? I think my boys will get a kick out of trying to use these! And I'll get a kick out of watching them try.

Stuffed Bunny and Chicken Pillow | I can't make up my mind which to get. Either would look so cute on the boys beds and I think they would like either one. I typically get them matching things so we don't have to hear them fight over something as silly as a stuffed animal, but in this case I may get one of each!

Wire Easter Baskets | These are a great price and both are a great size. I ultimately went with the large size so bigger books or stuffed animals could fit easily. I'm happy to finally have matching baskets for the boys that won't break so easily like the ones they've had in the past.

I will add in some fruit snacks, probably new toothbrushes, and hopefully a new book for each if I can find something I think they'll love! I can't wait to see their eyes light up. I'm not a perfect mom but making holidays a little magical is where I shine!😅 What are you adding to your kiddos Easter baskets?


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