daddy's little girl.

seriously. i am a spoiled little brat. a few days ago i had called my dad & asked him if i could borrow some money to pay for a plane ticket because i want to go to the ROSE BOWL! yup, i said it! i'm headed to pasadena! wahhh hooo! but back to the point of this story.. my dad said he would send a check & i promised him that i would pay him back as soon as i could! well, yesterday the mail came & so did the check! along with a letter from my daddy :) here's just a few pieces..

"Dearest Stephanie,
I can't express how proud I am of you. You are just so special and of course still "Daddy's Little Girl". ............ "So please accept this check with no strings attached and remember we love you so much and are very proud of you.
Love, Daddy"

as soon as i read the first sentence, i started crying. not only because my dad was giving me a lot of money but because he said he was proud of me. I know my dad loves me (he tells me everytime i talk to him), but it was just nice to see it in writing and know that he's proud of me.

i don't care how old i am or how old i get, i will always be daddy's little girl. :)

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