Go for Gold!

The Olympics are still on! Thank goodness! Another full week of American domination! Last night the men's hockey team beat Canada 5-3! It's so exciting. We all know that hockey is where Canada is hoping to win the gold, but I know we can do it! :) The women's hockey team is doing really good too! They beat Sweden tonight, like 8-1 or something like that! Right now I'm watching ice dancing! The Americans just went and did really well & are currently in 1st place! Hopefully they can stay there! Ugh, I think I'm getting a migraine! The light in my room, the light from my computer and from the TV are hurting my eyes and I'm starting to feel nauseous! Yup! That's a migraine alright! Boo! Well, I don't really have much to say, just wanted to say again, that I LOVE AMERICA & THE OLYMPICS! haha :)

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