new week, new month.

{Photo by Alicia Bock}

Wow. January 2010 has come & gone. Only 11 months left in this year, then it will be twenty-eleven!! haha I guess that is kind of a long time away but, it will be here & gone just as quickly has January was!

Not only is today a new month, but its also Monday, the start of a new week! :) Also known as week 5, Midterm week. Also known as hell. Okay, okay enough "also known as" references! The point is, this week is going to be rough and filled with exams, papers, and presentations! Oh the joys of college!

On a happier note, graduation is in 131 days! Happy, happy, joy, joy!! Real world here I come! That thought is what keeps me going to class, sad I know! haha

On a second happy note, its February {the month of love}. Sadly, there is no love in my life. Well, I take that back. I have plenty of love! Just not romantic love. That would be nice/fun. But regardless, I love Valentine's Day & all the fun things that come with it! Oh, & all the great movies! I can't wait to see Dear John with Tanning Chatum. I am absolutely in love with him. & I also can't wait to see Valentine's Day! There are so many great actors in it! Romantic comedies are so great! I'm a hopeless romantic! :)

Moving on, one month ago today I was at the ROSE BOWL! It was so much fun, & my Buckeyes pulled out a win! Such a great way to start off the new year! Here's a little picture for reminiscing sake.

Well, I have lots of homework/studying to do so I'm heading out!

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