snow, snow, go away.

Ok, so that doesn't have quite the ring that "Rain, rain go away" has, but you get my point! It is a blizzard out there right now & is showing no signs of stopping! I had to babysit today 12-4 (Got to come home at 2:30 though because she was worried about me getting home safely! So sweet!)

I spy...

{What the roads looked like on my way to babysit, yuck!}

Needless to say I am extremely happy to be at home snuggling up in my bed! After I'm finished blogging I am going to cozy up with 'Dear John' because the movie came out today!! & I can't wait to see it! I only have a couple hours until I'm going! So on that note, I'm outta here! :)


Dear John was so good, but he is so good looking I don't think it could have been bad! :) Ah, I could definitely use a man like that in my life!

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