What to do now?

It's a sad day. The Olympics are over! I have not taken my eyes off of them for the past 2 weeks! What am I going to do with my nights now!?! Hmm, maybe/possibly work on some homework?? :) That would be a great idea considering we only have 2 weeks before FINALS! Wahhh hooo! So excited for this quarter to be over with!! On another sad note.. the men's hockey team lost to Canada tonight! :( I don't think it's fair Canada won the gold. America already beat them!! If anything there should be a tie breaker! But since that isn't going to happen... I'm going to pout because I'm heartbroken we lost! Well, that's really all I wanted to rant about! I've been cleaning my room & throwing out stuff all day/night so I guess I'm going to get back to that!

P.S. Tomorrow is March, the best month ever!! :)

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