24 years ago today, the world got a little bit more fun! How? I was born of course! Man, I cannot believe I am now 24! That's almost a quarter of a century! Crazy!

{March 26, 1986}

And the really crazy thing is that when I woke up there was snow, SNOW on the ground! It's the end of March! I don't think it has ever snowed on my birthday (which I happen to like that fact). Is this some sick joke? haha On a good note, the sun is out so hopefully all that yucky stuff will disappear!

Today I've got to babysit Peter Anthony! He's 2 years old & such a cutie! Then tonight I'm going out with some friends to celebrate! & of course, I gotta watch OSU in the NCAA tournament! They're playing Tennessee (which of course I would be rooting for if they weren't playing the Buckeyes!). Obviously if the Volunteers pull it off I will be rooting for them, but I sure do hope the Bucks can come out with the W! Well, I need to get ready to go, just thought I'd stop in & give myself some birthday love! Soooo Happy Birthday Me! :)

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