Birthday Shopping!

My birthday money & gift cards stayed with me a whopping 24 hrs. I can never hold on to things like that! It's so much fun buying new things! One of my purchases was this adorable canister set and paper towel holder from Target. I can't wait until I move into my new place that is my very own! These will look great in my kitchen! (That I of course haven't seen yet, but its oh so fun to decorate it in my mind-- as well as all the other rooms!) I also bought this dinnerware set! It was exactly what I'll need to get me started! I already have some dishes, but they are mostly plastic so it will be nice to have a nice set of matching dishes! I can't wait to have dinner parties! Which of course, I will have plenty of-- right? haha

Well, Just thought I would share my most recent purchases! Once I finally get to use these wonderful items I will share photos! :)

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  1. Steph I love these!! So cute! :) It's so fun to decorate :) and you will have your own place to make all cute and fun soon enough!!