love it | hate it

jesus. family. friends. music. football. the ohio state buckeyes. cleveland browns. sunset. sunrise. best friends. making out. being in love. pearls. sincerity. ruffels. books. sweet tea. coffee. pictures. road trips. songs. reading. country music. sex & the city. pda. my iphone. hugs. men. reality tv. driving. writing. milk. cocktails. fruit. music. art. freshley cut grass. concerts. crazy nights. romantic comedies. oliver. learning. photobooth. music. nsquared. scary movies. broccoli. my mustang. singing. fall. summer. big sunglasses. sugar free popsicles. music. kissing & telling. long islands. late/random nights. laying out. stilettos. traveling. girls nights out. being spontaneous. music. wine. going out/staying in. summer nights. running. fireworks. my mac book pro. creative suite 4. thunderstorms. fishing. marilyn monroe. music. the kind of friends you don't see all the time, but when you do it's as if nothing has changed. inside jokes. bonfires. all shades of blue. italian. did i mention music? laughing until i cry. life.

liars. cheaters. spiders. ex-boyfriends. incompetence. ignorance. mirror defaults. tests. wood paneling. brats. sleeping. going to bed. waking up. singing in public. break-ups. university of michigan. michigan fans. judgmental people. flavor flav. pittsburgh steelers. math. speeding tickets. losing people. early mornings. snow after christmas. being alone. school. winter. having everything planned out. being responsible. lifting weights. going to the doctor. closed minds. being organized. death.

(This is something I used to have on MySpace! Just another thing to help those of you who don't know me very well, get to know me better! Enjoy! I guess its a good thing my "love it" list is longer than my "hate it" list!)

One more thing before I go! Today is my friend Brockley James' birthday! He's 25 today and living in Jacksonville (he is playing for the Jaguars) with my best friend Haley! I miss them both so much! Hope you had a great day Brock! :)

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