wrong baby wrong.

"Come on now, everyone falls down, Everyone crawls now and then, then they get up again, You cry if you want to, that's what we all do, But if you think you'll never move on, you're wrong baby wrong.."

That's Martina McBride's newest song & I just love it! It's talking about moving on from a relationship and that you'll love again someday! But I love the chorus of the song because it speaks to me in a different way! We all are going to go through tough times, but we're always gonna get back up (with the help of Jesus and of course good family & friends)! I've been stressed with school and money and I just have to know that its all going to work out! God will never give us anything we can't get through! I really believe this, so I'll make it through the storm! :)

Well last night I got a little less than 2 hrs of sleep so needless to say, I'm exhausted! Time for bed! Classes all day and then, it's the WEEKEND! Finally! :) Best friends are coming up too, so lots to look forward to!

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