Bye Bye Mustang Sally

{Me & my beautiful car before the Preble County Fair 2006}

I think I might be able to post about my car without crying.. maybe. haha I sold my car on Monday and I am so sad. I got this car in October of 2005 so I've had it about 4 1/2 years. I've put a lot of my own money into this car and its so beautiful. Someone bought it for their 15 1/2 year old daughter who doesn't even have her temps yet. That made it a bit more painful I have to admit. But she seemed to really love the car too so I hope she takes good care of it! Right now I'm driving my mom's grad prix (which I hate). I can't wait until I find a car that I can afford and really enjoy! Ahh, someday! :)


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  1. wahhh (snooki style)! come back! :(

    ah this is so sad so many memories and close calls haha in this car.