DIY | Framed Jewelry Holder

I have seen these types of jewelry holders on a few different blogs now & thought I would give it a try myself! Deciding what to do with your jewelry can be a hassle and I knew I wanted to keep my things hanging (right now I am using an accordion style hat hanger). This particular one I have in the photo was just a trial run (although it turned out great!) I left my frame at my parents house and so I just picked this one up at Walmart.

1. Decorative frame
2. Radiator grill from Lowes
3. Spray paint of your choice
4. Push pins (to hold the grill in place)
5. Hooks

It was a really simple and fun project! I can't wait to do mine! I want to make myself a baby blue one! Of course I'll post pictures when it's completed! Welp, hope you enjoyed! Happy Hump Day!

PS This one is for sale {$30} if anyone is interested! :)

Edit - May 19, 2010
Just entered a little contest over at Somewhat Simple! She's going to choose her favorite "creation" out of the submissions! Could be a makeover, a project, artwork, a great recipe, etc! I submitted this Jewelry Holder! I'm still so proud of it! :)




  1. Love the color of the frame - Super cute! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  2. super cute! I love these jewelry holders! Come link it up @