Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I'd talk a little about my mom (who's the greatest by the way). I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful woman as my mother. She is seriously the nicest & most beautiful (inside & out) person I know. It's really not fair that she ended up with such a smart-mouth child (that being me), but somehow she's survived it! - So far!

This is just the tip of the iceberg but here are some reasons I love my Mamma :)
  • For letting me learn from my own mistakes.
  • Always being on my side, even when I'm wrong.
  • Always telling me she loves me.
  • Teaching me how to sing on key.
  • The way she mushes her lips together when petting a dog or holding a baby.
  • For being my #1 fan.
  • The way she giggles like a little girl when she's tickled.
  • For always taking lots of pictures.
  • For putting up with my smart mouth.
  • Taking care of Oliver (my dog) while I'm away at school.
  • Trying to make (sew) me clothes.
  • The way she always sings harmony with every song.
  • For always forgiving me.
  • Making my favorite meal each year on my birthday.
  • Being proud of me.
  • For being creative.
  • Helping me w/my hair even though she knows I'll find something not to like about it.
  • Letting me steal her makeup, clothes, & nail polish.
  • Always giving me Valentines.
  • Finding an amazing man to take care of our family.
  • For rubbing my arm in church.
  • The little notes she put in my lunches or with the things I forgot to bring to school.
  • For always bringing me things I had forgotten to school.
  • Making Christmas special no matter how much money we have.
  • Making a home that all my friends wanted to hang out at.
  • Having a good relationship with my Dad & never putting my sister & I in the middle.
  • Teaching me right from wrong without being too strict or overbearing.
  • Surprising me with a new shirt or dress on my bed when I come home.
  • Making me my scrapbook for graduation.
  • Always helping me decorate my room so cute.
  • For sending me care packages.
  • For letting me make my own decisions.
  • Never pushing her ideas for my life on me.
  • Her unconditional love.
I guess you won't and can't possibly understand a mother's love until you're a mother yourself. It's hard to understand why they keep loving you. I know there have been plenty of times I've said or done something to hurt my mom but she still there. Always. No matter what. Thank goodness 'cause I'm not sure what I would do without her! I'm so lucky to have such a good relationship with her. Seeing some of my friends with their mom's only makes me feel that much more lucky. Like I said above, she never pushes the ideas that she has for my life on me. She realizes that I'm an adult and I'm going to make my own decisions. That being said, I value her opinion extremely & there isn't anything I can think of that I would do without her approval!

I don't know what else to say, but she's the greatest!

I love you Mamma, Happy Mother's Day! :)


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  1. Awww, Stephanie! Of course I am crying now.....no surprise to you I'm sure. Thank you for all the nice things you said. I love you dearly & love being your momma!