Road Called Life

I have finally decided on a name for this blog! When I started blogging regularly I named it "Simply Steph" because that pretty much sums it up! This blog is simply, about me! :) But, that name is generic and I don't even wanna know how many other bloggers named Stephanie have named their blog something along those lines!

I have decided on "Road Called Life". For starters, we're all on this road trying to navigate through life! A second reason I chose this name is a quote from Sex & the City {the series}.

It just seems perfect for my life in this moment! Big changes are happening, like I'M GRADUATING in about 2 weeks! I'm guessing I'm going to feel sort of lost for awhile until I discover what my role in life will now be.

Of course this means the blog will be getting a new look! Not going to make too big of a change because I really like the simplistic look it has right now so I really probably just change the header where now it says "Simply Steph"! Anyway, just a little update! More blogging to come! :)


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