Roommate Survival Guide | Rule #07

In most cases, your roommates are your friends, so this rule should be a no brainer but even if the only relationship you have is sharing the cable bill, this rule is still very important & should be followed to ensure a happy living situation!

Here's just a little story from my past...
{Names have been changed to protect the included parties! hehe}

My roommates and I (minus Lauren) had just returned to the Dollhouse (what we called our adorable, yellow house for the year) from a wonderful, weekend road trip to Chicago. We had gone to support our school's football team on the road, and it was a great excuse for a mini vacation.

Upon our return, Lauren was filling us in on her weekend in Columbus with us. Apparently she had met this really great, cute guy named Casey and they were going to dinner later that night. I had run upstairs to take my bags up and go to the restroom. While still in the bathroom, I hear Lauren continuing to tell Olivia about this "new" guy. The more information she gave up, the more Olivia thought he seemed oddly similar to a guy she had hooked up with the past Fourth of July - which is a whole other story I may or may not tell you about later! ;) Still upstairs, I hear Olivia say, "Wouldn't it be funny if it was Casey Caldwell?" (said guy from the Fourth of July). She laughed the thought off thinking it couldn't possibly be true. There was a pause from Lauren and a blank stare on her face. She asked, "What did you just say?" Olivia replied, "Casey Caldwell. You know that guy who had the black eye?" (See I told you there was another story about him..) Even from upstairs I could sense the awkwardness and I think to myself, "Noway. That can't possibly be the same guy. What are the odds?"

Well sure enough, after Lauren called Mr. Caldwell to get the 411, it was confirmed that he was in fact the guy with the black eye. Lauren was disappointed because this obviously changed the way she looked at this "great" guy. She decided to go ahead and keep their dinner plans but was going to tell him they could only be friends considering the situation. Or so we thought.

A couple months had passed since the strange, coincidental situation and we started noticing some things that just didn't add up. Lauren would randomly leave the house without telling us where she was going, and one Sunday afternoon she went to the movies. Alone. We obviously thought this was weird but really didn't figure out what was going on until one night at the bar.

I had gone to Nashville for the weekend to visit my dad but while I was sleeping I was awakened by many drunken phone calls from Olivia and Sommer. Apparently, Lauren had left them at the bar without telling them she was leaving or where she was going. Olivia was casually going through her text messages and thats when she found the evidence.

Lauren's phone had died and so she had borrowed Olivia's. Which normally would be fine, but Lauren used Olivia's phone to send text messages to Casey Caldwell asking him to come pick her up at the bar. This made Olivia furious because she had already made it clear, that Lauren hanging out with Casey made her uncomfortable and she had asked Lauren not to bring him to the house for obvious reasons. On top of crossing the line and hanging out with him anyway, Lauren used Olivia's phone to place her booty call. This was just all sorts of wrong.

Needless to say, things were a little awkward in the Dollhouse and the two didn't talk for about a day. Olivia finally confronted Lauren about how she was feeling and why she was uncomfortable with the whole situation. Lauren understood and apologized for making her feel that way over a guy who didn't mean much anyway. Or at all for that matter.

The lesson learned here was not to hook up with the same guy as your roommate. Nothing good ever comes out of it and a lot of feelings get hurt along the way.


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  1. haha love this post, especially b/c i know the names of the real people!! :) definitely not good to break that roommate rule.