Roommate Survival Guide

Your college roommate(s) may be one of your most difficult relationships you'll ever have to deal with. Even if you genuinely like your roommate as a person it doesn't necessarily make for an easy road. No matter how much you may enjoy your friends, there are simple rules that must be followed when living together. That is, if you or your friendship want to survive.

{These rules aren't just for those in college. They are rules for everyone living with anyone!}

  1. Discuss important issues & establish rules.
  2. Respect each other.
  3. Clean up after yourself. (Dishes, clothes, food, etc.)
  4. Ask before you borrow anything.
  5. Don't leave doors/windows unlocked.
  6. Take turns with chores.
  7. Do not hook up with the same guys.
  8. Always look out for a friend whose had too much to drink.
  9. Communication is key.
  10. Do not leave your roommate alone with a creepy guy.
  11. Be nice & welcoming to your roommates guests.
  12. Never leave a fellow man behind. Ever.
  13. Do not call each other sluts.
  14. Help each other when you fall down, but laugh hysterically while doing it.
  15. Being drunk is never an excuse.
  16. Do not change the volume on each other's technologies. (Radio, TV, computer, etc.)
  17. Be courteous.
  18. Always talk things out.
  19. Have fun with each other.
  20. Be willing to compromise.
Stay tuned for more {RSG: Real Life Stories} showcasing why all of these rules are important!

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