Graduated, Jobless, & Loving It

I am officially a graduate from The Ohio State University. Ahhhhh! I can not tell you how happy/excited/proud that makes me! It's been a long, long road but it is finally over! June 13th was the day of my graduation and luckily it cooled down a little, but still not enough to keep me from sweating under that cap & gown! I was a mess! My parents, grandparents, sister, & best friend were all there & it meant so much to me that they wanted to share the day with me!

The day after graduation my family & I headed for Destin, FL! I had never been there and it was absolutely beautiful! White sand, and crystal clear blue water! Luckily the oil from BP's major fail hadn't reached where we were staying and we had a wonderful week. It's so sad to think of all the animals and businesses that have to suffer because of a problem BP could have taken care of a long time ago.

I've been home about two weeks and I am enjoying summer oh so much! It's been beautiful out (especially this week!) & it's been so nice to be able to come and go as I please and not have to worry about getting a paper/project in by a certain deadline! I hate to say it but I'm enjoying being jobless a little too much! I need to get on the ball and start applying everywhere I can but the thought of having to work every day for the rest of my life might be hindering me! I've hardly touched my computer, I practically had to force myself to blog just so I'm not too far behind! Crazy, I know!

Well, I'm going to go continue my love affair with summer and sit on the porch & read {Eat, Pray, Love}. Followed by some night fishing at the Farmersville pond tonight. Love it.


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