Haiti | Day 1 | 08.17.10

[Sunrise in Port-au-Prince]

I have no clue what time it is right now but I am finally laying down. In a bed. That's off the ground. I can't even tell you how pleasantly surprised I am. It's been a long day to say the least. We left Germantown at 3:30 AM and headed for the Columbus airport. Flew to Miami, FL which was kind of cool because I've never been there and kinda not cool because we were in the airport. Once we boarded our connecting flight to Port au Prince we had to sit on the plane for like 2 hours before we took off because someone was no longer flying to Haiti. Talk about annoying. The clouds today were huge. Almost cartoon like. As we were landing in Haiti it was so neat to fly through the fluffy clouds. Once we were off the plane we headed to immigrations. Ok, wait. Hold up. I forgot a very important part about this second leg of the trip. On the plane I was seated next to Randy (Randy King, he goes to my church & was part of the group that went!) and on the other side (yuck middle seats) was a Haitian man who now lives in Montreal. He was so cute. He reminded me of Wayne Brady. He was so, so nice. I have a mini crush on him. haha Anyway, we went through immigrations and then onto get our luggage. I had this fear (and expectation) that my bags were going to be stolen and I'd be left with only my carry on. (We all made it through with all of our bags! Thank you Jesus!) It began to pour down rain and the sound of it hitting the tin roof was so loud. Because of the earthquake the regular airport building was not usable and we were outside. During this time I'm standing with our carry-ons and a luggage cart while the men go after our luggage. It was overwhelming to say the least. Overwhelming - might as well get used to that word. I have a feeling it will come up often this week. My mini crush kept making eye contact and smiling. Sounds silly but it actually gave me some comfort while everything around me was so hectic. I also forgot to mention that my mini crush thanked me for coming to Haiti to help. So sweet! The drive to our sleeping place for the night was again, overwhelming. There were so many people standing along the street and walking all over the place. Women were carrying large things on their heads. Stop signs, lanes, and speed limits are merely suggestions. It's chaos. I don't know how we didn't hit anyone! We are staying at a Veterinary Training Center. The building was supposed to be a hotel but it was never completed. Now a veterinarian missionary and his wife have a training center where they educate others about animals! For dinner we were served spaghetti and salad (which was really gross because it was cleaned with Clorox Bleach. Sanitary yes, tasty? No!) Just a few minutes ago another group came in. I'm sharing a room with a woman and a girl. They seem really nice but of course I don't remember their names. I'll find out tomorrow. Up bright and early of course. I think its around 9 PM here (10 PM at home). Time for some sleep before 5 AM hits. :(

God, please look over me and give me strength. Help me to be helpful and a blessing to all those around me. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and open my eyes to the lessons and messages you have for me. Please let mom know I'm safe and give her comfort while I'm gone. I love you so much! Amen.

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