Hait | Day 2 | 08.18.10

Wow! Today has been the longest day! I was up before the roosters because it was so hot in our room! Still thankful for the bed though! Won't have one of those the rest of the week! I found out the names of the women that are here! Jennifer is 38 and Ashlyn in 15. They're from Illinois! We came to the village of Prosper where we are building the houses. It's right by the most beautiful mountains and the people are so friendly. I of course have fallen in love with the children. I was holding this one little boy named Wenchi, and I could tell he didn't feel good. All of a sudden... my lap felt warm. The baby had peed & had diarrhea right on my lap. It was disgusting lemme tell ya but most of all I felt sorry for the boy who now had poopy pants and poop in his shoe. His cousins were all laughing and all I wanted for this poor crying (smelly) baby was to be cleaned!

Later another baby girl named Kinda wanted me to hold her and once I picked her up she would NOT let me put her down. She ended up taking a nap. She was out cold for an hour and finally I woke her up. We started working on a house today. The structure was up and we sealed the wood. As I suspected I'm not much help in that area but I'm here for something else. These people are so happy and have so little.

Today I met a girl named Jesiluh who is 15 and she lost her left leg in the earthquake. Eight months later and she is up walking around on her crutches. Scratch that, running around on her crutches and even jumping rope (which the kids love by the way!) I don't think I would be so joyful if I had lost my leg and I live in conditions 100x better than her. It's just something to think about. She has nothing and yet she is happy.

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  1. Steph! So proud of you and happy you had the opportunity to help those in need :) and very glad you made it back safely! Love you!