Haiti | Day 3 | 08.19.10

It's been another long but amazing day. I slept on a concrete floor & actually didn't wake up sore. Thank you Jesus. We sealed and painted more houses. Played with the kids! LOVE them! It began to storm tonight during our devotions. We were under a covering but the rain was coming down so hard we all got wet. I'm getting ready to go to sleep but I have to find a new spot because the roof of the church leaks a little. Wenchi (poopy pants kid) fell asleep in my arms tonight. I swear there is nothing sweeter and more rewarding.

A group of little boys were telling me they love me today. One started singing "I love you Baby.." haha It was so cute! I told them I love them too, which I really do. Like I've known them their whole lives. I found out today we are leaving the village on Sunday and going back to the the Veterinary Training Clinic because the other group with us is leaving on Monday & we are going to be working at an orphanage! I'm so excited! It's going to be heartbreaking I'm sure but I will just give them all the love I can while I'm with them.

One thing the children yell out when they see us is "hey you". It's just a phrase they've picked up that they know is an English greeting but they don't really know what it means. Pastor Steve said he felt like it was Jesus calling out to him through the children, and he's right. We can see the Holy Spirit working through the eyes of little children. It's a beautiful thing and I'm so blessed I get to witness it.

There are the biggest spiders I have ever seen here. I've put on my big girl britches and not freaked out/screamed when I see a little spider (or when one is on my shirt, true story). So I'd say I'm doing pretty well! But the big ones? No. Can't handle it. There was one in the bathroom. By the way I use the term "bathroom" very loosely. We are in out houses that are not fun to use. Randy killed it for us which was great but then of course he had to bring it in and show us all. Yuck!

God, thank you for this day and the cooler temperature last night as well as the cool breezes. Let me be a light to the Haitian people and let them know that I love them. Thank you so much for this experience Lord. Amen.

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  1. okay before I forget how hard I laughed.. the poopy pants kid.. steph you crack me up.. don't worry i'm gonna write something really sentimental once i get to day 5, but just had to point that out.. enjoying so far.. wow