Missions Trip: Port-au-Prince, Haiti


|13 DAYS| That, my friends, is how long I have until I embark on this incredibly exciting/terrifying/fulfilling journey! I'm sure we all remember back in January when the country of Haiti was hit very hard with the earthquake leaving it in turmoil! Haiti and it's people are still in desperate need for help! Thousands are homeless and without proper food supplies. Tens of thousands of people have been buried under the rubble, all leaving loved ones behind, and many leaving children who are now orphans. It will be heartbreaking I'm sure. I just hope I can bring a little bit of hope into the lives of the people I meet.

While I am in Haiti, we will be building homes for the victims of the earthquake. My biggest fear is being in the way. I want to be helping while I'm there and not hindering the performance. I'm a little nervous, but mostly I feel blessed that I get to participate in something like this. I've never been on a missions trip & I'm sure it will be life changing and will definitely open my eyes to a world I have never seen.

This article says that half a year after the earthquake, the relief effort has stalled. There is so much more to be done! Find out what you can do, to do your little part!
Prayers of course are always welcome! I need all the prayer I can get! ;)


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