Providing For Prosper

Here is a sneak peak of something new I'm working on! Our church is planning on returning to Haiti this coming January to rebuild Pastor Francois' house in Prosper! It was damaged in the earthquake and we want to put him back in his home! The approximate cost to rebuild his house is $5,000, so I am going to be making inspirational posters and prints to try and raise some money! These are just the first few I've been working on using the verse from Galatians on the fruit of the spirit! Once I get some printed I'll share photos, because they are going to be super cute!! Also, stay tuned for many other prints with many more uplifting messages! :) And of course I'm in the process of making a blog and place for prints to be purchased!

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  1. I'll buy a print when you make them! I can hang it on my desk wall at work :)I love the black one. that's a great idea!