Commitment. Why Do People Cheat?

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Commitment. Does it even really exist in today's world? It seems more and more, cheating in relationships is becoming the norm. Are we asking too much when we walk down the isle "for better or worse", that we expect a promise of fidelity? It seems that the act of marriage has become habit. People go through their vowels so routinely that I don't think much thought goes into what promise is actually being made. It's almost as if those going into a marriage are not too worried, because there is always the option of divorce. Ya know, just incase things don't work out as they had planned. Newsflash people, life never goes how you "plan" it to go. Divorce shouldn't even be crossing a person's mind who's about to take the plunge into holy matrimony. If two people have taken enough time to get to know each other and have truly made a commitment to one another, then we really are talking about "until death do us part", leaving no room, or the need for the matter, for divorce.

Because couples aren't fully making that commitment, this leads to cheating and drifting apart. Just because you are married doesn't mean the hard part is over. Marriage is the hard part! The divorce rate is up to something crazy like 50% because at the first sign of trouble, we're calling up the attorneys or finding someone else to give our attention to.

I come from a broken home as a result of infidelity, I have been in unfaithful relationships and I'm sad to say that I am as guilty as my partner was, and just about every relationship I know, has some form of infidelity present whether it be physical or emotional. So what gives? Why do people cheat? Is it for a sense of power? Security? Self-esteem? Or just our own selfish reasons in this me, me, me world we live in? Maybe people cheat for all of these reasons.

With my parents relationship, I just don't think my father was committed to my mother or our family at the time. They rushed into their marriage and didn't realize that if they took an honest look at their relationship, they probably would have noticed that they have absolutely nothing in common. But shew, thank goodness they got together or I wouldn't be able to grace your presence today! ;)

When it comes to men cheating on me? Hell, who knows? I'm a great catch! ;) When I take a look in the mirror and ask myself why did I cheat? Hmm, good question. Because I'm a horrible person I guess. No, that's not it, but really. It doesn't make any sense that I, coming from a broken home and also knowing how it feels to be cheated on, would do that to another person. In my defense I will say that the relationship I was in was very unhealthy and I think I cheated because I knew I was being cheated on. Does it make it right? No, of course not, but that's how it is.

I've always said that I'll never give up on love, and I still believe that, although I have to wonder. Can we really have faith in love if we fall into this idea that everyone cheats? I've let past experiences and experiences of others around me influence me and basically make me scared to fall in love again. Yes, hundreds of thousands of people cheat in their relationships everyday, but what they're really doing is cheating themselves.

I do believe there are many people out in this world that we could be compatible with or that we have chemistry with, but I also believe there is that one person who is our soulmate. The challenge is finding that person that completes you, and although the urge to stray from your relationship may never completely go away, your will to say will outweigh that urge. Temptation will always be there, its a fact of life, but do us all a favor and do not stay, "I do" unless you are absolutely certain this is the person you want to be with and you can't live without them.

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