Cyber Monday | The New Black Friday?

Photo via We Heart It

I personally had never even heard of Cyber Monday until this morning as I was on my way to work. As the day has gone on, this term has popped up a few more times! How have I not known about something so popular? The growing sales on the Monday following Black Friday are insane. I'm pretty sure I heard that they have surpassed that of Black Friday! But I guess what better way to shop for yourself loved ones than in the comfort of your own home with a great big cup of coffee? Ahh, sounds so nice right now as I sit behind my desk freezing my butt off!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend! I know I did and I'm super sad to have seen the long weekend pass us by! But luckily it is less than a month until Christmas is upon us! My mother has already decked the halls and it's nice and cheery at the North residence! I love this time of year!

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