Invitation | MVTLA Holiday Dinner

These are the invitations I designed for the Miami Valley Trial Lawyers Association's (such a mouthful) holiday dinner! I'm in charge of planning it at work and after taking a look at past years invites, yuck (think - Times New Roman, printed on printer paper..), I decided to create these! Luckily, the boss was please and I got to send them out!

Don't forget to email paisleycardco[at]gmail[dot]com to place your order for your holiday party invitations or greeting cards! :)


  1. Steph! Is it supposed to say "No, I/we will attend"? I was thinking maybe it should be will NOT attend! Am i reading this wrong?! LOVE it though--super cute!

  2. NO! You're right! I printed the WRONG one! Grr, I edited that very mistake! haha Thank you for pointing that out so I can now worry about it! lol Good thing I did these for free, huh? :)