December One

Oh. My. Gosh. It's here. The last month of two-thousand and ten. I don't even know what to say. This year has been amazing and I'm sure going to miss it. 24 days 'til Christmas. Also insane. Went to a UD Flyer basketball game with my lovely friend Alicia tonight - so much fun. We got to sit in a suite. Whooo - "charge it to suite #4 please". I'm exhausted, but tomorrow is Thursday! I made it through hump day! Ok, sorry for the short, random, choppy post but I just had to post something on the first day of DECEMBER! Have a good week y'all! Love you!

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  1. had so much fun!! now that was exactly the way to start the last month of the year. we'll have to do it again soon.

    p.s. love that picture, looks so pretty. makes me sort of want snow... sort of lol.