I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane... Tomorrow

Welp. I'm still here. I'm in Ohio, not Prosper. First let me just say that I. Hate. Snow. Ok, that might be a little harsh, but seriously - I'm over it. Mainly because it is the sole reason I am not in Haiti right now. We were flying through New York (don't ask me why we were flying north to head south) and just about all of the flights on the east coast were canceled because of snow. Christmas is over and gone which means the snow can take a hike as well! I was so heartbroken when I got the news! I was so ready to be in Prosper with the little babies! Nonetheless we are leaving tomorrow afternoon. It ended up being kind of a blessing considering I just got home from visiting my dad in Tennessee around 6 PM and hadn't even begun packing! Now, I am all packed and ready to go!

We are flying out of Cincinnati at 7:40, staying the night in Miami, and leaving for Port au Prince bright & early Thursday Morning! I'll be coming home on January 5th! We're flying through Miami around 10 AM and I should be back in Ohio by early afternoon! So excited to be there! I have a whole suit case packed of clothes to take to them! I also have jump ropes & sidewalk chalk - can't wait to play with the kiddos!

Hope you've enjoyed the recaps, I know I sure have! Come back tomorrow for a flashback to 2008! :)

Oh, one more thing! Since I won't be getting back until the 5th I will miss the Sugar Bowl - so it must be said now, LET'S GO BUCKEYES! O - H! I just know they are going to pull out a win! Sad I won't make a bowl appearance this year, but so thankful/happy for the reason why!


  1. Have a good time steph! I have enjoyed the recaps.. seems like another lifetime though...
    Gives those kiddos a kiss and hug from me!

  2. Geesh weather, way to not cooperate! I am so glad it didn't get completely cancelled though & you can still go. Will be thinking about you & everyone over there! Love you!

    Agree with Casey, the recaps are awesome. & Louisville was definitely one of the most fun NYE's I've had so far!

  3. Haha Yes, most definitely another lifetime!

    Thanks guys! I love you so much!

    Happy New Year! See you in 2011!