New Year 2011 | Reflecting on 2010

2010 has been unbelievable. I have done lots of amazing things and spent the year with all of the people that I love. I am such a lucky girl. Right now as your reading this (remember, I scheduled these last few posts in advance) I am bringing in the new year in Prosper, Haiti. It won't be glamorous, it won't be romantic, but I have a feeling that I am having the best new years eve of my life - on the side of a mountain, sweating, and wearing a t-shirt + tennis shoes. Goodbye 2010 - it's been great & although I'm sad to see you go, I have a feeling your friend 2011 will be just as good even better to me.

Happy New Year Everyone.
Be safe & remember what this life is all about! :)

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld lang syne!

Here's a recap of my 2010 - Enjoy :)
NYE09 - Bringing in 2010 in LA
I celebrated NYE in the backseat of a minivan in Los Angeles. It was OK though, because the next day I got to go to the Rose Bowl!
[new years eve - 2009]
01 buckeye pep rally on santa monica pier!
02 spent in a mini van in los angeles

01 rose bowl OSU v oregon. bucks win 26-17.


01 my 24th birthday

01 girls trip to myrtle beach with sister, linley, & little ones.
02 april 30th - rip daisy mae


01 graduated from the ohio state university
02 family vacation to destin, florida.


01 linley's bachelorette party
02 mission trip to haiti.

01 linley & brian douglas get married!
02 bella mae came into my life :)
03 get a job!

01 rip grandma shirley 10.10.10
02 avery alane was born. 10.21.10
03 5 year anniversary of Jamie's passing
04 pumpkin show in circleville! :)
05 alicia's halloween party!

01 visit brock, haley, & avery in jacksonville, florida.
02 browns v jaguars game in jacksonville!
03 traditional thanksgiving eve at laff's

01 find out jenny & matt are expecting!
02 my friends ashley & cole get engaged!
03 quick trip to nashville
04 another trip to haiti!

[new years eve - 2010]
01 spent in prosper, haiti on the side of a mountain :)
02 new years kiss? all the kiddos of prosper!

[dreams for 2011]
01 be a better person
02 save lots & lots of money
03 raise money for charity
04 buy a house
05 send money to help prosper!
06 spend time with the ones who mean the most!

Those of course are just a few, but that's enough for now!
I hope you set goals for this new year as well!
Dream big - and always remember - It will never happen if you never try.

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