Reflecting on 2004

NYE03 - Bringing in 2004! (I took a picture of a picture - so terrible quality but a great memory!)

*I am still in Nashville visiting family & will be leaving for Haiti tomorrow. Since I was going to be gone for a week, I went ahead and scheduled a couple of posts in advance! Prayers, as always, are welcome for my safety and the people of Haiti! Thanks!!

This is from a New Years post I did at the end of 2004. At the end of every year I make a recap! Not sure why, but I'm really glad I do! It's fun to look back and reflect! Since the end of 2010 is coming to an end (I'll be reflecting on it New Years Eve - stay posted!) I thought it would be fun to reflect on past years as well! So for starters - here is a look back on the year 2004. Enjoy this blast from the past! :)

(I used to have a Xanga and that is where this was posted!)


This year has been so awesome! And it's def. my favorite since I'm a part of the BEST class ever.. Class of 2004! I love you guys and miss you so much! I'm so glad most of you are home and I've gotten to see you!

Here's a list of some stuff from the year! I would put more but I gotta head to Lindsay's to get ready and head off to all the parties! Everyone have a safe and fun night! Call me if ya need a driver!

2o04 ReCaP

20o4 iS fiNaLLy hErE!
CoRkY tUrNs 16 & gEtS hEr LiCeNsE! EEKK!!
MaRcH 26th--i'M LeGaL bAbY!
Kenny Chesney Concert with my girls=aMaZiNg!
RoAd TriP...sToP iN NaShViLLe sO aLL tHe GiRLs cAn sEe mY DaDdY!
SpRiNg bReAk 2o04-PaNaMa CiTy bEaCh
Me & Ryan's 2 Year Anniversary...Never thought I would have one of those!
SeNiOr PrOm 2o04-A Night in Heaven..dEf. a bLaSt!
Graduation---cLaSs oF 2o04, yOu aRe SiMpLy aMaZiNg
GrAdUaTiOn pArtiEs... "& dRiNkin gOoDbYe To fRiEnDs..." Gotta Love Kenny
Spending one last summer all together!
TriP tO TeNnEsSeE tO sEe mY dAd!
SaYiNg gOoDbYe tO aLL tHe bOyS wHeN tHeY LeAvE fOr sChOoL
Start school at Sinclair--tHe bEsT tHiNg ThAt's HaPpEnEd tO mE... i SwEaR... :-/
My obession with LaGuNA bEaCh [[the best show ever]] bEgiNs!
My first time voting! BuSh gEts rEeLeCtEd--4 mOrE yEaRs!!
Break up with Ryan, get back with Ryan..It's a vicious cycle
Say goodbye to 2004 tHe bEsT yEaR eVeR!


Ok, wow! That's so funny/fun for me to read! I have definitely changed as a person! That was 7 years ago when I wrote that! Oh my gosh! (And yes, I actually used to type things like that, upper/lower case) That really was such a fun time in my life and I'm so thankful for the wonderful memories I have, but thankful as well for things not turning out a single way I had planned. Funny how things work out like that. Stay tuned tomorrow to flashback to 2005! :)

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  1. ahhh!!! hahaaa i love that picture and your upper/lower case writing. thats so funny we used to do that all the time. it's so fun to reflect back & see how much you've changed/grown as a person. i can't wait to read all of these!