Sugar Bowl 2011 | One Lump or Two?

Well, it's official! The Ohio State Buckeyes will be playing the Arkansas Razorbacks in New Orleans on January 4, 2011! I'm so excited! A little bummed that my Buckeyes aren't headed to the Rose Bowl because of a 3 way tie for the Big Ten Champions! But hey, New Orleans sounds pretty good to me! The 4th is the day I will be getting back from Haiti! Of course I'm already plotting a way to make it to the game! Who knows if I will come out victorious! But I have plenty of motivation! Not only would I love to attend my 3rd bowl game in 3 years and cheer on the Bucks to victory, but the eye candy down below is the icing on the cake! Peyton Hillis is from Arkansas and played for the Razorbacks in college! He possibly could be in attendance at this came, which means - so must I! :) Wish me luck & O - H! :)

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