Five on Friday

I could not be happier that it is Friday. This has been a short week thanks to MLK on Monday, but it's been a cold and snowy one here in Ohio and I am ready to relax with family and good friends! I've decided that since I don't usually have a lot of time to post on Friday's I'm going to make a themed post every Friday, called 'Five on Friday'. I'll just post 5 things that are on my mind or that I'm excited about! So, here's the first five for our first Five on Friday :)
  1. Going beyond the Five on Friday posts, I've got some other ideas like 'Wow God Wednesdays' (thanks for the idea K-Love) and 'Type Tuesdays' - since I'm addicted to typography, just to name a couple!
  2. Tonight I'm going to dinner with my family for my sister's birthday (which is tomorrow). I can't believe she's going to be 23 - that is just crazy!
  3. Meeting up with friends after dinner to relax and forget about the part of my life that happens between Monday and Friday!
  4. I am feeling totally uninspired lately. I hate the design of my blog at the moment (just a template from Blogger) and for some reason the header is blurry. I looked it up and it seems I'm not the only one having this problem, so hopefully they figure out the bug soon!
  5. How wonderfully cozy does that picture look? Last weekend I stayed in the entire weekend, so I'm trying not to be old this weekend and actually leave the house. But man would it be nice to put on my slippers, drink some coffee, read some books, and just stay in my warm house? :)
Hope everyone has a safe, warm, and fun weekend! :)

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  1. I must say it's tempting every weekend to stay in and do nothing! lol:) Especially when it is colllddd! Have a great Friday! Love you!:)