Haiti: Day 3 - 01.01.11

Happy New Year! It is so awesome to be starting a new year in such a beautiful country. Bringing in the new year is all about a fresh start, and what better way to start fresh than serving God? Last night the church service that was supposed to end at 2 AM did not end at 2 AM. They were singing and dancing all the way until 4 o'clock this morning. As awful as it sounds, I am so glad we didn't have to stay for the whole thing. We were all exhausted and I don't think we would have even made it! But it was an awesome experience and I am glad we were there.
Pastor Fran├žois’ house is just about finished. All that is left is to pour the concrete floor in two of the rooms and that will be done Monday morning before we leave. Tomorrow is Sunday so after church there won't be any work, just having fun. Today, we walked through the village again. We spent a lot of time at Kenda's house. Her mom is only 22, but she is so nice. She braided my hair but she didn't try to put them in corn rows - thank you Jesus. She just smoothed it out and put it in a low pony tail and then braided the ponytail into two braids. Not a way I would have chosen to wear my hair, but such a better look for me than the corn rows.
Kenda is such a little pill. I love her so much and I love that she always wants me to hold her, but man does the girl have attitude. I think that might be why I like her so much - I can so relate to the 'tude. Today, another little girl was hanging on my legs and trying to get me to pick her up and Kenda started squirming like she wanted to get down. So, I put her down - and she picked up the biggest rock that was near us and went to throw it at the girl who was hugging on me because she was jealous. haha It's pretty funny, but man - well, like I said, she's a pill!

Art came to the village today. It was really good to see him! He just came to say hello and check on the progress of the house. He'll be back Monday afternoon to pick us up. :( I so do not even want to think about leaving. That is the last thing I want to do. Well, I'm super tired and morning comes early thanks to the animals!

Thank you for this day and for letting the progress on the house move quickly. Thank you for another year and the blessings you gave me. Thank you for people like those here in Haiti who praise you so highly even after all they went through in 2010 - how they aren't bitter, I'm not quite sure. Help me be open to the lessons you want me to learn here and help me to have a better attitude when I get home. Love you so much, AMEN!

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  1. Hey I liked the corn rows:) lol! Glad you had an awesome time again. That little girl sounds hilarious! You are right, what an awesome way to start the new year!

  2. haha I'm glad I did it once, but once was enough! :) & she was hilarious - she's crazy but still so sweet! haha