Haiti: Day 4 - 01.02.11

It's Sunday, so we went to church this morning. I love going to their church service. I love all the singing and dancing and the praying out loud. It's awesome. It was much more pleasant temperature wise this time around. Today, while I was sitting there I was so thankful it wasn't as hot as it was in August when I was here. Kenda of course found her way to my lap - which made me a little hot, but seriously how can you tell a little kid they can't sit on your lap? No way!
After church we just played with the kids and hung out with everyone. Pastor Fran├žois had his goat killed for us. Yup. That's what I said. He had his goat killed for us to eat out of appreciation. Although, I completely understand what a huge sacrifice this was for him and that he was showing his appreciation for what we have done for him - it really was not necessary. Really. The worst part is that we have seen this goat all week. The guys even took a picture with him before he was killed. Even worse - we saw the goat be killed. It was kind of hard not to watch, but after the first stab - I was done watching. It actually tasted pretty good, but just the thought of the goat being killed along with the guys talking about how good the heart tastes were enough to make me sick. It was hard for me to even get my rice down (which was very good). Just another life experience. I mean, how many people can say that they've had a goat killed for them? Because I can! :)

After we were done with lunch, we went on a walk to get coconuts and mangoes! One of the boys climbed to the tops of the trees, barefoot I might add, to get us all some! I'm not big on the coconut milk, but it's still fun to do. The mangoes on the other hand... so delicious! The sweetest, juiciest fruit! Once the boy was done chopping the coconuts down he slid right down the trunk like it was a fireman's pole! It looked like it had to have hurt, but of course it didn't phase him!

Tomorrow we are leaving Prosper. All that is left to be done on the house is laying the concrete floor. I'm so sad and so not ready to leave. The last time we left, it was sad but I KNEW we were coming back and I knew we were coming back relatively soon because we already had plans to build the pastor's house. This time, I know I will be back but I'm not so sure when. Ugh, don't want to think about it! The important thing is that we will be back! 

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