Haiti: Day 6 - 01.04.11

Today we went to the orphanage. It was really good to see Marie and the kids again. It was also so good to see that they were sleeping inside. They all had beds and sheets and it looked more like a place to live, so that was really good to see. Last time I was kind of struggling with the fact that although they had been through a lot it was August after all. Why were these children still sleeping in the courtyard? It just didn't make sense to me. When I walked in to the orphanage, Marie hugged me and said thank you so much. When you came last time you "woke me up". She said she had decided she was finished with everything and had felt defeated, and didn't even know why to try anymore. All we did is clean (a lot) and paint (a lot) but it gave her the motivation to keep going and it reminded her why she was doing this in the first time. Obviously this made me feel extremely guilty. Of course she was tired. Taking care of these kids is hard enough with all of the problems they have and then on top of that an earthquake comes in and destroys where these kids are living. Its enough to make anyone want to give up. Ah, she's amazing - that's really all I can say.

During tonight's devotion we had to share where we had seen God this week and what we were going to take with us and how this trip was going to affect our lives at home. I think for me, again, is my attitude. The joy these people have is incredible and like nothing I've ever seen. They don't let their circumstances affect that. I said I felt kind of ashamed that I have already been given this lesson once and haven't done much with it. I'm aware of it now, which I guess is the first step - but now I have to act. I've had an attitude probably since the day I could talk (I'm sure my Mom would agree with me) and I don't think I'll ever lose the 'tude completely, but I do need to watch how I let it affect how I treat others. So that's the goal! Wish me luck! :) 

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