Haiti's Quake - 1 Year Later

One year ago today, Haiti was hit with the most devastating natural disaster the country had ever seen. The earthquake only lasted 35 seconds but it changed the people forever - physically and emotionally. It's a year later and you would think there would be more progress, but there is still much more to be done.

This is a little video I did to share photos from the last trip my church, Germantown First Church of God, took to the village of Prosper in Haiti. The first time around we were building pre-fabricated homes for victims of the earthquake. While we were there we noticed that although the Pastor had been given a pre-fabricated house, his home that took him 30 years to build was right next door, destroyed. We decided to raise the money to rebuild his house and this video shows our time there and the Pastor's house completed.

This last trip to Haiti was of course a little defeating at times, but it was also a little comforting. Although there is still much more to be done, in just the few short months that have past since my first trip, I could tell a difference. In August when we drove past the tent cities, I just felt sick to my stomach. You see thousands of "tents" and thousands of people living in close quarters and you just think, "how are these people ever going to get out of here"? In January of 2011, I could tell that those same tent cities I drove past before had gotten smaller. They are still there and are home to many Haitians, BUT - that number is shrinking. In August we drove by buildings that had crumbled and saw so much rubble. In January of 2011 there were still pancaked buildings and there was still rubble, but I could see a difference. The amount of rubble on the side of the roads has shrunk.

Haiti is not back to where they were before the earthquake, (a third world country) and they will probably never be as well off as we are in America, but there is progress happening - no matter what the news tells you. Do your part to help these amazing people and this beautiful country, no matter how big or small that may be. Go on a missions trip, donate money, support a charity, send clothes, or just take 5 minutes out of your day to pray for them.

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