Type Tuesdays: Dear Typography Poster

As promised, here is a themed post that I'm pretty sure I'm going to look forward to every Tuesday. I love everything about typography. When I go to a restaurant, for the first 10 minutes I'm not looking at the menu to decide what I want. I'm critiquing the font choices and styles. I love this poster I found on The Birds and The Beast shop. It totally describes why I love typography and the fact that many people don't know/care/pay attention to how influential a type choice actually can be. It's pretty awesome. 

Typography, I love you. Thanks for all that you do. :)


  1. thats saying is super cute! i love how your blog has a theme & also your posts are just about one topic. haha maybe i should learn from you :) lol see ya this weekendddd.

  2. I'm currently waiting on your Wednesday blog so that I can read it. Thanks. :)

  3. Thanks Alicia! :) & Casey, work has been CRAZY this week so I haven't written another post for this week! Ah, I'll try and be more on top of it next week! :) Can't wait to see you both Saturday! :)