Happy Brithday Paisley Card Co!

I can't believe that I let our birthday pass by without the slightest acknowledgment! Which is slightly reminiscent of our first birthday, only a little bit worse since it's March! Two years ago , this past February, I was in college and decided to stay in on a Saturday night. (I know, what a loser, right?) While playing around with my Creative Suite, I got to thinking! Why don't I start my own business? I could create all kind of adorable things - invitations, save the dates, business cards, etc. I originally started out with the name SNC + CO. It was short, simple, and used my initials. I didn't really love it but I was anxious to get the word out about my new venture. Anyway, a few months later, I decided to change my name and that's when La Bella Vita Designs came about. This time I thought I had put more thought into it and I really loved it. But as you can probably tell, that didn't last for long! In November of 2010, I switched my name for the final time. Paisley Card Company was born. I decided to change for a number of reasons but mainly because I wasn't something simple and easy for people to say + remember. This little blog has come a long way since the first post, but still has a very long way to go! I hope through this next year it becomes a place of inspiration for anyone who visits.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me + continues to support me! It means more than you know! Happy Birthday Paisley Card Co. I love you + can't wait to grow old together (you'll be paying all of the bills if all goes as planned ya know!)

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