Dear March, I Love You. Love, Road Called Life

Here we go again. Another start to another month that is sure to pass us by even more quickly than the one before it. I don't think I will ever get used to how fast time goes by but it does, so I better enjoy it before it's gone! That being said, I'm so excited it's March! It's one of my favorite months - for all sorts of reasons:
  1. It's my birth month. The big 2-5 this year.
  2. It brings Spring!
  3. This year March 13th is Daylight Savings. Longer, brighter days - yes!
  4. It's Women's History Month - "Where there is woman, there is magic". - Ntozake Shange
Normally, I have a spring break during the month of March. For the first time since I was 5 years old, I will not be blessed with a week of absolutely nothing to do/vacationing somewhere fabulous. I will be working. I keep telling myself that this is a blessing - and it is, because so many people are without jobs so I am thankful. (Oh, sidenote - I got a raise! GO ME!) But man, would a trip to Mexico do me well this month!

Something that usually happens in March is Kenny Chesney comes to town and we get to celebrate our birthdays together. By that I mean, we were born on the same day and I go to his concert, but whatever. Anyway, no plans for a Kenny concert either!

March will just have to be fun in other ways. Like I said before, I'm turning 25  - in exactly 25 days so tomorrow I'll be posting a list of 25 things I want to accomplish before I turn 25. They won't be life shattering things but they will be lots of "to-do" items from my 101 in 1001 list as well as the many "to-do" lists I have all over my planner. One goal is to definitely make more time for blogging! I love it so much but just could not find the time to do it very often in February. So we'll see how that all goes! Should be a fun + hopefully productive month!

Sorry for this longer than usual + extra wordy post but one more thing before I go! In my last post I shared this guest bedroom from Young House Love and they made a few small but huge changes so I wanted to share an updated picture! I still absolutely love it + feel so inspired by it! Nothing too major was changed, but the room looks even better!

Well, that's enough for today! Check back tomorrow for my list of 25 things to do before my 25th!

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  1. It will still be a great month! I'm sure we'll find fun things to get into. It's just a different kind of fun since we're supposed to be "adults" now.. lol. Whoever thought that was a good idea is crazy! I don't like it.

    P.S. You could come to country concert w/ meeeee.