DIY | Faux Flower Balls

When I first saw this tutorial over at Sew, Mama, Sew I honestly couldn't believe it. How can these beautiful Faux Flower Balls be made out of men's t-shirts? They actually look like they are made with real roses. It's gorgeous! It seemed too good to be true and yet below are the simple steps needed to achieve this beautiful look to make a bold statement at your next event.

I am planning a baby shower in May and I'm thinking about giving these babies a try! I'd love to see how they turn out in colors other than white - pink? yellow? Ooh! My mind is just racing with ideas! Can't wait to give it a try & hopefully have something beautiful to show all of you!

Materials needed:
- 2 men’s XL white T-shirt for large ball
- 6 inch and 4 inch styrofoam balls
- Hot glue gun
- Ribbon (in coordinating color for your event)

[Step 1] Cut off the bottom of the t-shirt. Now cut strips of 1 inch in width. Make sure you snip either end of your strips to create 2 strips each.

 [Step 2] Put your sewing machine to the “running” or the “basting” stitch.  On my sewing machine that is the longest stitch of 5. I then lightly held the thread on top as I ran my running stitch. This will make your ruffle gather as you go.

[Step 3] Start by coiling your ruffle. Place a dab of hot glue to the end of your coiled ruffle and to the back of your ruffle flower.

[Step 4] Now place the ruffle flower onto the styrofoam ball. Repeat the steps and add ruffle flowers to the styrofoam ball.

[Step 5] Once you get close to having the ball finished, add some ribbon (for hanging) to the top of the ball. Insert push pins at a slight angle going opposite directions to anchor the ribbon. Be sure to add some hot glue on top of them for added security. Continue to glue your ruffle flowers until the entire area is covered.

Create various sizes of the faux flower balls to create depth and impact to your area. Hang them from trees and verandas or if indoors, from the ceiling. Also don't be afraid to attempt this project in other cotton blend hues. Vintage pink? sunshine yellow? Yes, please!

View the original tutorial at Sew, Mama, Sew.


  1. absolutely love this! looks so east, and could be done with so many different colors!
    xoxo em

  2. Oh, I know! I can't wait to give it a try myself! Thanks for stopping by & becoming a new follower! :)