Royal Wedding | Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Alright, admit it. You are as infatuated with the Royal Wedding as I am, right? My sister called this morning from Texas at 5 AM and we chit chatted and watched the royal occasion together! First things first - Kate looked stunning. Absolutely timeless. Lace has always been my fabric of choice when it comes to wedding gowns and I loved seeing it embraced by the new Duchess. Can we say someone was definitely channeling Grace Kelly? I think so.
Pippa? Um, gorgeous. Loved her gown as well. The Middleton's have some great genes!
I'm skipping out on 'Things Loved + Found' this week because well - I'm consumed with everything royal.  Not to mention things have been pretty slow around The Paisley Blog this week! Working on a few new changes, so stay tuned for those! (All images found via Pinterest).

Have a happy weekend everyone! :)


  1. The Middleton sisters were stunning. Kate's dress was perfection, and Pippa was really hot haha.

    -Dani :)

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