Weekly Wrap Up | Things Found & Loved

I know things have been rather slow around the ol' blog lately but life has been crazy! Lots of projects in the works and can't wait to share them all with you! Until then, enjoy the weekly wrap up of all the lovelies found 'round the blogosphere this week!

Every week there are thousands of lovelies posted on to the world wide web: photos, parties, weddings, outfits, DIY projects, etc. But there are those few that I absolutely can't get enough of/can't stop staring at/can't wait to make and lastly can't help but share. These are my absolute:

Absolutely can not get enough of this e-session from Hey Gorg. It's chock-full of southern charm.
Not sure I'm completely in love with A-Frame houses, but I'm loving the blue door.
Ambitious DIY business women inspire me so.
You can never have enough framed photos/art. YHL proves that here.
Don't mope in your room. Go invent something.
This print I designed for my free canvas. Love.
I love Earth & I love Jesus. Thank you God - you're the best gift giver ever!

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