RCL Revamped | Staying True to Myself

WOW! I can't believe it has been so long since I have blogged! March was my last post from Road Called Life and July was my last post from Paisley Card Co. Craziness. Anyway, I guess I have some explaining to do (especially if you got here from Paisley Card Co.'s Facebook fan page!). I started this blog (Road Called Life) back in 2010 mostly as an online diary and a way to further procrastinate from my college responsibilities. In 2009, I started Paisley Card Co. and had a separate blog to share recent designs and client projects. From the beginning I have struggled with the identities of both my blogs. They were too very important parts of my life and yet I had them separate. Why? Because all enjoyable and popular blogs have focus, right? 

Whatever. I am creatively ambiguous. I am passionate about so many different things - my friends, family, graphic design, stationery, DIY projects, interior design - the list goes on and on. How can I possibly keep each of my blogs focused on their respective genres? The answer is I couldn't. I constantly felt confused about what to post where and instead of just posting anyway, my posts were few and far between. 

That is until now. I am going to stay true to myself. I don't want to be worried about how many blog, Facebook or Twitter followers I have. I want to write and share things that I am passionate about, that I can't get enough of and that I absolutely can't go without sharing with whoever out there is willing to let me do so. Focus Smocus. This blog is now dedicated to simply living creatively, which doesn't happen to be simple at all. There are many layers to me and I wear many different hats. This is where I will talk about all of it.

I have combined my posts (along with comments) from my Paisley Card Co. blog so I haven't lost any content. It can all now be found right here at Road Called Life. I'm super excited to see where things go from here and so thankful for inspiring people around the web.

P.S. The image was found via Pinterest. I couldn't find the original source for the photo but I love the message. 
       If anyone knows where it came from please let me know! :)


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