Infontuation | Word Mark

Back in JANUARY I posted my first (and only) Type Tuesday post (now being called Fontastic Tuesday). I honestly thought I would have gotten on the ball with this series and also thought that I had already shared what I am sharing today. After searching my archives I realized I should have been searching my drafts. (I have many a post waiting to be published! Anyway - if you haven't discovered Word Mark you are missing out! If you're like me you sometimes find yourself stumped while trying to find the perfect font. Typography can provide the overall tone and inspiration for an entire design so it shouldn't be taken lightly. More often than not, I found myself copying and pasting certain words and applying every typeface I own until finally coming across the right one. With Word Mark you can preview a word or sentence in all of the fonts installed on your computer to be sure you choose just the right font! Awesome! :)
See how easy that was? :)

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