Infontuation | Mishka by Fenotype

I am obsessed with typography. I can't even decide what I want for dinner at a restaurant because I am constantly checking out their type choices and critiquing the menu to no end. It's a sickness, really and My Fonts is always there to fuel my addiction. The latest craving? Mishka by Fenotype, a "classy upright script". When I first laid eyes on this whimsical script on the My Fonts homepage, I knew it was love. My infontuation only grew deeper after seeing this tribute to Steve Jobs by Fabulous K. It's a must have addition to my never-ending list of fonts!


  1. this font is on my looooong wish list at myfonts -- so beautiful!

    by the way, stephanie, i just got your tweet from the other day. i love the way you compiled the elements in your banner. thanks for letting me know and thanks for the sweet tweet. :)

    i hope you had a great week!