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I am so happy it's Friday. The week here in Nashville started out beautiful and warm. By yesterday that had changed completely and today followed suit. It's like fall popped in overnight and is here to stay. While I'm happy that the leaves are changing beautifully, I am not liking the chillier temps or the fact that the past two days have been rainy! Yuck! But enough whining! It is Friday after all and there is nothing wrong with that!

It's been virtually quiet around here (accept for an update on my 26 before 26) but today I wanted to share my new branding materials. As visible from my branding past (seen a little bit here, here, and here), I have kind of a hard time designing for myself. My business (which was started on the side as basically a hobby) has gone through many stages, including two name changes and multiple color schemes and today, this is where I am. I love the brown and blue and think I have finally come up with something that not only satisfies my love for delicate and vintage elements such as burlap, linen, and lace but also that caters to my fun and playful side. I'm not saying that this look is here to stay, but I am saying that it says who I am and what I want Paisley Card Co. to say to former, current, and future clients! 

Happy weekend! :)

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