In the Studio | Kingdom Knits

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays and trying to get SC Design up and running, I had kind of gotten out of the habit of sharing some of my design projects. So today I'm happy to be sharing my most recent project, Kingdom Knits. This was so special for me to work on. Melissa is a friend I met on my second trip to Haiti. She has started an awesome company that, get this, gives back 100%. She does not pocket any of it. It is all to "further the Kingdom's work". She gives back locally to Gateway Helping Hands and internationally to the New Life Orphanage in Ghana, Africa.People like this are so inspiring!

For Melissa, I designed a custom logo and a custom, double-sided business card! I love how the logo turned out. I came up with the idea pretty quickly - the double K's made it super easy. I love how they resemble a crown and the colors Melissa chose are really fun.

*Normally I change the contact information of my design clients but just in case you are interested in purchasing one of Melissa's beautiful scarfs or supporting this wonderful cause, I wanted you to be able to get in touch with her!

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