Remembering Haiti Two Years Later

I know I have shared this video before, but today marks two years since the devastating earthquake, that lasted 35 seconds, hit Haiti. When I heard the news in January of 2010, my heart was heavy. So many lives lost, so many families broken apart, so many lost under the rubble. I was sad, said a little prayer, and quickly went on with my comfy little life. Just 8 months later I found myself actually going to Haiti to help. Looking back, it all happened so fast. When asked how I did it or why I decided to go I can only say, "It was a God thing". At the time I was recently graduated from college, had no job, and absolutely no money to fly myself to Port au Prince but things just seemed to fall into place the only way God can make them happen and I was on my way to a life changing week. I've been blessed enough to go on two mission trips to Haiti and my hometown church is planning a third. I could not be more excited. I think about it practically every day. Never in a million years did I think it would have such an affect on me.

Earlier this week, I was watching Rock Center and they had a segment about a family from Nashville, who had adopted two little girls from Haiti. I of course cried through the entire thing. It was so awesome to see other people who have shared similar experiences as I have and who have the same love for the Haitians as I do. In closing, Brian Williams made a comment, "If you've ever been to Haiti, you care about Haiti for the rest of your life". That statement couldn't be more true. The country and it's people just get a hold of you and have a piece of your heart that you will never get back.

I still struggle with the fact that you can't help everyone. When you realize how many people out there who are worse off than you, it feels overwhelming. The sad part is, that I have yet to really do anything with what I have to help the people I can, so that is a big goal of mine this year - start giving back.

So, while you're in your warm, cozy houses with your loved ones tonight, just say a little prayer for all of those who were affected by the earthquake two years ago.

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